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      Service / RMA
      Schulz Electronics offers a comprehensive
      repair service for all products
      from our manufacturers.

RMA / Return material

Dear Customers, in order to offer you the best service, we are working with an RMA-system. Thus a fast handling of your repair case is guaranteed.

Please pay attention to the following issues. This helps to ensure a smooth process:

  • Put the RMA-number on the outside of the carton and write it visibly on the accompanying documentation.
  • Please use the original packing material or any equivalent box for returning the repair units to us.
  • Heavy (weighing more than 50 kgs) and sensitive units should be packed on a pallet for sending them back to us.
  • Racks should be packed in an upright position on a pallet for transportation.
  • Please remove all attaching parts (such as cable looms etc.).

We are testing your unit very carefully. Please note the following issues:

  • If your repair case involves any costs, you will always receive a cost estimate before we are starting to repair your broken unit.
  • If a unit does not show any faults after checking it, we are charging a fee for the inspection – this is also applicable during warranty time.
  • If the repair will not be ordered by you or if there has not been found any fault, we are invoicing an overall service charge of 80,00 EUR.
  • Please check our current General Terms and Conditions to be found on www.schulz-electronic.de
Delivery Adress:

Schulz-Electronic GmbH
Service Department
Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle-Str. 2
76534 Baden-Baden


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