Arbitrary 4-Quadrant Voltage and Current Amplifier
BOLAB Systems

Arbitrary 4-Quadrant Voltage and Current Amplifier

Series 500 - 18.000 Watt


  • Voltage ±75 V
  • Current up to 684 A
  • Power up to 18,000 W
  • DC ... 200 kHz full range bandwidth
  • DC ... 1 MHz (small signal -3 dB)
  • Rising-/falling time 100 V/µs
  • Arbitrary function with maximum data points
  • USB interface standard
  • Analogue input 0 ... ±10 V for voltage or current control
  • Monitor outputs for measured values of voltage and current
  • ArbNet-Software for graphical waveform generation
  • Integrated Waveforms e.g. LV124, LV148, VW 80000, VW 80300/LV123,
    BMW GS95024-2, BMW GS 97092, ISO 7637-2, ISO 16750-2, MBN LV124,
    MBN LV148, VDA 320, JLR, PSA, GMW, etc.
  • Modularly expandable in master slave mode


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