CW & pulsed buck/boost<br>Laser Diode Driver<br>max. 20 A/70 V
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CW & pulsed buck/boost
Laser Diode Driver
max. 20 A/70 V

NEW up to 70 V compliance voltage!


  • Laser diode driver up to ca. 1 kW, 20 A/70 V*
  • OEM DC/DC unit for integration for medical and industrial application
  • Maximum output current up to 20 A CW and pulsed, higher pulsed output current on request
  • Buck-boost topology for extremely wide output voltage range independent of the DC supply voltage
  • Therefore possible operation with Uout>Uin! E.g. with 24 VDC supply input diode operation with 36 V compliance voltage or by input 48 VDC, output operation to 70 V
  • Highest efficiency to 99 %
  • True current regulated rising edges from 50 µs, fast analog modulation possible
  • Current ripple down to <0.15 % pp
  • Current and voltage monitoring
  • Analog interface 0-10 V
  • Quasi isolated interface & differential programming for high EM immunity
  • Digital interfaces on request
  • Developed especially for multi single emitter stacked diode modules. Particularly diode models with compliance voltage slightly above the common industrial standard auxiliary voltages of 24 or 48 VDC gain advantage from the boost topology!
    Laser diodes with e.g. 28 VDC compliance can nevertheless be operated with 24 VDC aux supplies. Or for example two Lumentum ST140, each with ca. 25 V, in total 50 V compliance voltage, can be supplied from a 48 VDC standard auxiliary source
  • Typical applications e.g. laser plastic welding and fiber laser pumping
  • Suitable for most common single emitter diode stacks and modules
  • Further models with higher current and/or voltage output on request
    Custom modifications available: Ask for reduced output ripple, fast rise times, etc....
  • Total manual control via 1550-LDDC handheld controller possible, incl. adaptor cable

*  70 V models LDDP-20-70 and LDDP-20-70-HS-10P are 100% compatible to former 55 V models LDDP-20-55-xx and are 1:1 interchangeable

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