CW & very fast modulatet Laser diode driver DC/DC<br>max. 5/10/20 A<br>max 50/100 V
Dr. Heller Elektronik

CW & very fast modulatet Laser diode driver DC/DC
max. 5/10/20 A
max 50/100 V

QCW500 series


  • Laser diode driver, very fast pulsed and analog modulated from max. 5 A up to max. 20 A
  • Rise/fall times from ca. 50 ns
  • OEM-DC/DC unit for integration for research as well as medical or industrial applications
  • Maximum output current model dependent to 5, 10 or 20 A CW & pulsed/modulated
  • True analog current regulated rising edges from ca. 50 ns for ultrafast modulation
  • Current sources suitable for parallel operation
  • Current and voltage monitor
  • Analog programming interface
  • Digital interfaces on request
  • Typical applications e.g. fast pulsed VCSEL burn-in systems, fast modulated industrial fiber laser cutting applications with Multi-kHz PWM power regulation, also suitable for LEDs & automotive specifications
  • Ideal also for simulator projectors or for high resolution printing industry applications
  • For all common single-emitter diode stacks and modules
  • E.g. for minimal output noise or for maximum modulation speed analog input filter can be adapted per customer request
  • Lower current level possible on request

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