Regatron, Solar Array Simulation Software (optional), SASControl

Solar Array Simulation Software (optional)



Regatron SASControl is a new software product to control TopCon power supplies with special focus on the photovoltaic domain. It is particularly adapted to the needs of testing solar inverters and allows the execution of standard based tests and measurements. Core of SASControl is a versatile script programming system that gives the user the possibility to easily implement own programming sequences with one or more TopCon power supplies and to measure (and protocol) the resulting data. It must be highlighted that SASControl offers all possibilities (including free sample scripts) to implement the tests according to the inverter testing standards EN50530: measuring the static and dynamic MPPT efficiency. The user can adapt those script to its needs and thus implement an own testing system without much effort. Features:

  • Software for simulation of solar arrays (PV simulation)
  • Simulation of characteristic curve I = f(U) of solar panel in firmware (1-diode model according to EN50530 standard)
  • Parameter based
  • Including the theoretical MPP value
  • Manipulation of irradiance, temperature, amplitude or input scaling with special commands


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