Supplying satellites with power.

Only Schulz-Electronic had the right solution.

The Challenge

More than 1000 satellites circle the earth. When on the ground, they have to be supplied with energy and their batteries have to be checked. On the ground it is essential to ensure that there will not be any system failures, and for this reason the power supply has to operate on a redundant basis.

Since Schulz-Electronic’s customer also uses the sense line in the redundant system, the currents flowing through the pull-up resistors are too high if the power supplies are not switched on simultaneously, or one of them even fails. Therefore a smoothly-functioning solution needed to be developed for trouble-free operation …

Equipment used from our portfolio:

  • 35x Z60-3.5-CLE
  • 15x Z60-7-CLE
  • 43x Z60-14-CLE

The Solution

Thanks to its experience, Schulz-Electronic was the only solution developer able to meet the customer’s requirements and provide an appropriate solution. The power supply was changed from Agilent to Lambda. Especially for the customer and the specific project, the resistors were changed and then tested in Israel. In this way the Swiss enterprise received its own, customised versions for its systems – and thus a smoothly-functioning solution.

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