Lumina Power, Laser diode driver CW/pulsed, max. 100 A/200 V, 600-2.000 W, LDN series
Lumina Power

CW & pulsed Laser Diode Driver
max. 100 A/200 V
600 - 2,000 W

LDN series


  • High power & high current laser diode driver
  • Successor model of the proven LDD/LDY series with multiple enhancements, e.g. higher efficiency and better pulse performance
  • OEM AC/DC unit for medical and industrial application
  • Maximum configurable output current individually from 1 A up to 100 A
  • Ouptut power 600-2,000 W
  • By high max. compliance voltage up to 200 V also suitable for blue diode stacks
  • Parallel operation as true current source
  • Load safety: Over current & over voltage shutdown by fast output crowbar (output short)
  • Current and voltage monitoring
  • Optionally with fast rise/fall times of few hundreds of µs
  • For CW operation and modulated or pulsed operation, model dependent from DC up to ca. 1 kHz
  • Analog interface 0-10 V
  • Optional RS232 interface
  • Active PFC (power factor correction)
  • Wide range input
  • Auxiliary voltage output +5, ±15 V
  • Each model is specifically configured ex works for the individual determined load/application
  • Suitable for virtually all diode bars, stacks and modules
  • Optionally with safety shutdown of the current output for operation compliant to Safety Of Machinery
    EN ISO 13849-1 performance level e (PL e), respectively Functional Safety EN ISO 62061 SIL3
  • Custom modifications available:
    Ask for tailored current and voltage parameters, scalings, interfaces,...
  • Total manual control via 1550-LDDC handheld controller possible



Model Type Input voltage (max.) Power Output Current (max.) Leaflet
LDN-600-XX-YY OEM 240 V AC 600 W 100 A
LDN-1000-XX-YY OEM 240 V AC 1.000 W 100 A
LDN-1500-XX-YY OEM 240 V AC 1.500 W 100 A
LDN-2000-XX-YY OEM 240 V AC 2.000 W 100 A

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