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Enjoy the security that comes from all-round support by specialists.

You need a solution?
We find one.

The strength of Schulz-Electronic is that we can offer you everything from a single source, from the initial idea to the finished commissioning.

See how well this works for you in this short example film about the individual rack construction.

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Customer orientation

With programmable power supplies, a standard solution rarely suffices to meet the complex specific requirements. As experienced dealers, we have focused our know-how on precisely this point: we have moved beyond being simply distributors, and towards being providers of solutions and development partners with a sectorally-specific orientation.

Based on our solution philosophy, we do not leave any questions open – because for our customers there is only one solution: the best.

You benefit from:

  • Customer-specific complete systems
  • Individual modification of standard products (from 1 item)
  • Development of special solutions
  • Comprehensive support and personal service on site

Finding solutions

Bring your special requirements to us, and you will meet a team who have comprehensive expert knowledge and great experience – and are receptive to your wishes.

For this reason, our approach to a solution is different every time – because it is adapted to match your project.

We have already successfully realised numerous special solutions for our customers in a wide variety of sectors – whether with equipment brands from our standard portfolio or a complex system tailored to highly-specialised project requirements.

The graphic shows a rack or device with buttons flashing.
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For you, invaluable – from us, as a matter of course:
Consultation and design with vision.

As a customer of Schulz-Electronic you benefit first and foremost from a team who are glad to advise you and indicate or develop possible solutions, and are always by your side – whether before you commence your project (for instance to provide test equipment), during the project (giving you e.g. on-site support) or after the project is completed (for example providing maintenance and an RMA system for the fast processing of repairs).

Certified according to ISO 9001:2015

Purchase, hire or leasing

Support Hotline

High-precision calibration service

Test equipment

Comprehensive portfolio

Repair service

4 Advantages for your day-to-day business:

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Here the focus is on you and your individual requirements. We analyse them together with you, and they are the input for a tailored solution.

We develop complete customer-specific systems – just for you.

This way, everything fits.

Pfeil fährt um ein Gerät und trifft dabei vier Kreise mit Haken.

Here everything revolves around the design of your personal power supply – whether it consists of standard devices, modified products or an entirely custom-developed system.

We always have a solution for you.

That’s how security of investment works.

Drei Firmengebäude, die mit Linien verbunden sind, auf denen Pfeil-Icons hin und her fahren.

Here everyone will get exactly what they need, because not only do the experts at Schulz-Electronic know all about electricity – they also know what particular aspects require attention in various different sectors and applications.

Only experienced specialists work for you

That’s the way to save time and costs.

Zwei Personen, die sich beraten.

Here you always get an answer, because we make it our priority to give you personal service that is both highly professional and highly accessible.

We are always ready to listen and respond.

So no questions are left unanswered.

Excerpts from our Portfolio

  • 48 V on-board wiring simulation with
    feedback to grid
  • High-voltage battery simulator
  • Source-sink systems
  • Electronic loads
  • AC sources
  • Laboratory power supplies
  • Testing of hybrid drives
  • Mobile source-sink systems
  • Customised rack solutions
  • Intelligent power supplies for laser diodes

You can find our portfolio here

You call us, we’ll be glad to advise you.
Johannes Wolf, Segment Manager Lasers.

You’re looking for a solution, we find it.
Heinz Meyer, Head of Production.

You’d like a quotation, we provide one.
Melanie Günther, Team Manager Administration.

You require on-site service, we plan the business trips.
Anne Freundenberger and Sarah Jülg, Travel Preparation.

You want an appointment, we’ll come to see you.
Michael Neeb, Berlin Office.

You give us an order, we get going.
Tina Wirth, Sales Assistant.

You need a special solution, we produce it.
Dennis Schwarz, Production.

You require quality, we precision-test modifications.
William Scheuermann in Quality Control.

You have special requirements, we prepare a fitting solution.
Guy Barde, Production.

You trust us, we keep our promises.
Britta Seebacher performs a final inspection.

You are looking forward to receiving your solution,
we deliver it as planned.
Kay Christmann, Logistics.

"There is only one solution. The best."

This is the principal we work on at Schulz-Electronic.

Overview of products and services

The portfolio of Schulz-Electronic is based on your wishes – for this reason we often we develop highly-specific special solutions. Our service overview gives you an idea of the areas in which we work and the brands we cooperate with to meet your requirements. Our informative brochure tells you how we go about it.

"Product and Service overview" Download PDF
"The Company, products and solutions." Download PDF
"Photonics solutions & products." Download PDF

Whether for customized projects or standard products,
Schulz-Electronic is our reliable partner.
Dr. Detlev Mergenthaler, managing director
Dr. Mergenthaler GmbH & Co. KG, Neu-Ulm
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Convincing precision hardware.

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