Lumina Power, Laser diode driver QCW to CW, max. 350 A/120 V, up to 6 kW, HPP-Series
Lumina Power

CW/QCW Laser Diode Driver
up to 1,000 A/120 V
up to 6,000 W

HPP series


  • Higher current QCW Laser diode driver DC/DC, from 30 µs to DC
  • Max. output current freely configurable, models up to 1,000 A yet realized
    Ask for further configurations for your demand
  • Peak power up to 100 kW
  • Output power up to average 6 kW
  • Rise time typ. 10-2 µs
  • Forced air cooled
  • Load compliance voltage/DC input: Load dependent up to 200 V
  • Fr QCW diode bars and QCW diode stacks 
  • Optional simmer current available
  • Compact size for point of load operation with special low inductance load cable as component of the product available also for longer load distances 
  • I/U output configuration is adapted individually to the user specific diode load

    For a 750 A QCW operation with stacked laser bars to max. 50 V model HPP-6000-750-50-… will be set up

    For specific medical 2-3 µm diodes with e.g. 120 A/130 V, QCW to 1 ms operation with HPP-6000-120-130-1ms suiable
  • Operation also with modules like JOLD QPXF / CAXF / or DILAS M1F / MMF, 3mikron etc.
  • Bar and stack operation e.g. with II-VI Monsoon, Jenoptik QPNN / QANN / QAFN / QA / QF, Dilas vertical stacks, etc.


Model Power Output Current (max.) Leaflet
HPP-750 /... 750 W 350 A
HPP-2000 / ... 2.000 W 350 A
HPP-6000 /... 6.000 W 350 A

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