Capacitor charger<br>up to 1,500 V<br> 350 - 9,000 J/s
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Capacitor charger
up to 1,500 V
350 - 9,000 J/s

LCH series


LCH Capacitor charger series

Designed to meet the unique requirements of medical, medical aesthetic, and industrial pulsed energy systems, as IPL, pulsed laser or any other industrial high current & high power pulsed application.
The quasi constant power output allows for optimal choice of nominal output power in relation to capacitor charge up time by varying the max. output current over a wide range.
Start-up current of up to 4x the nominal output curent accelerates the charge-up process significantly.
The modular design of these highly efficient and flexible devices leads to lower cost, high reliability and simple adaption to a wide variety of customized applications.


  • Ideal for OEM laser applications
  • High efficiency
  • Power factor 0.99
  • Fast response, high accuracy to 0.1% and low EM noise
  • Optimized charge up time by quasi-constant power output
  • Suitable for partial and full discharge application
  • EN55011 Class A, no external filter is needed
  • Industrial and Medical EN/IEC 60601-1, 3rd edition approved
  • Customized voltage and power output up to 1.5 kV and from max 500 W to max 9,000 J/s


  • Medical (surgical) lasers
  • Aesthetics lasers
  • IPL systems
  • Flash lamp pumped industrial welding lasers
  • Pulsed UV curing systems
  • Surface and food sterilization systems
  • Other products that deliver bursts of pulsed energy

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