Delta Elektronika, Computer-Interface Ethernet for ES- and SM-Series, PSC-ETH
Delta Elektronika

Computer-Interface Ethernet for ES- and SM-Series



  • Interface between ethernet IP Network and power supply
  • IP-address can be configured by user, make use of existing networks
  • 16-bit accuracy for voltage and current programming or output monitoring
  • Read-back of status signals, change power supply modes like: Remote/Local
  • Digital user in- and outputs (isolated)
  • Software calibration
  • SCPI commands
  • Internal Card available for ES- and SM-Series
  • External module for other power supplies
  • Integrated sequencer
  • Power supply generates arbitrary waveforms, stored in sequencer
  • Waveform generation independent of computer, stand-alone possible
  • Very fast or slow sequences: time between steps from 1 ms till hours
  • 25 free programmable sequences each with 2000 steps
  • Simulation of battery voltage at engine start, surges, generators, etc.

    NEW added features:
  • Web server
  • Reset button for default factory setting
  • Possibility for firmware-update
  • Manual available via web server
  • DHCP
  • Improved stability of clock frequency of the sequencer
  • Each sequence command is carried out within one cycle (=125µs)
  • Complex status structure is replaced by two simple commands

    SCPI commands
  • Concatendated queries will reply with teir own LF. No longer one reply with comma separation. So now multiple reads are required.
  • New calibration commands are implemented to match with the SM-series. The old calibration command is still available for backwards compatibility

Please find the latest firmware and release note here (downloads)


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