Customer/diode specific ultra short pulse diode drivers
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Customer/diode specific ultra short pulse diode drivers

PLD series (diode adapted)


  • Modified shape and diode connectors to exactely match diode module connectors in a low inductance way
  • Sub-nano to micro second pulse widths
  • Current to 500 A and higher
  • Repetition rates up to >100 MHz
  • Internal or external pulse generation
  • Square or Gaussian pulse shapes
  • Isolated interface available
  • Digital controller extension possible
  • Applications LIDAR, spectroscopy, seed laser, PIV, micro material processing, SOA drivers, etc.
  • Taylored board shape for lowest inductance connection to e.g. fiber coupled diode packages, single chips, laser bars, TO housings, etc. from DILAS, Lumentum ST series, LIMO, Jenoptik, Lumics, nLight, FITEL, BWT and others...
  • Also for blue or UV lasers and high power LEDs like OSRAM, Cree, etc.
  • Each driver model is thoroughly custom adapted to match the electrical and mechanical diode requirements in an optimal way


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