Thermoelectric Controller<br>up to ±6 A
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Thermoelectric Controller
up to ±6 A



  • Bipolar thermoelectric controller (TEC)
  • Gentle true-current Peltier operation -
    no pulse width power modulation (PWM)
  • Output up ± 6 A/23.5 V @ 24 VDC input
  • Cascadable power stages to 280 W, 420 W, etc...
  • Low EM noise due to filtered output current
  • Stability up to 0.01 K
  • Regulation model dependent either via Pt1000 or NTC 10k
    (Models TEC06-24-P or TEC06-24-N)
  • Regulated current output also via external analog programming signal
  • Monitor outputs for current/voltage/temperature
  • Ideal for OEM integration due to baseplate cooling at efficiency
    typ. 97% and very compact size
  • Comfortable graphical PC user interface (GUI)
    for RS485 and USB
  • Optional TEC display for manual control
  • Ideal for e.g. Peltier cooling of laser diodes and optical crystals,
    amplifiers, modulators, mirrors, etc..
    Further applications e.g. display cooling, fast temperature changes in molding processes, high precision heating cabinets/incubators, etc.
  • Customer specific tailored models available:
    Ask for deviating current and voltage parameters, interfaces, thermistors,...


Model Art. No. Stock Type Input voltage (min.) Output voltage Power Output Current (max.) Height Width Depth Weight Usb RS485 Leaflet
TEC06-24-P HD0028 OEM 24 V DC ± 23,50 V DC 100 W ± 6 A 24 mm 40 mm 70 mm 0.085 kg yes yes
TEC06-24-N HD0029 OEM 24 V DC ± 23,50 V DC 100 W ± 6 A 24 mm 40 mm 70 mm 0.085 kg yes yes

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