Lumina Power, Capacitor Charger, 3 phase, up to 6 kJ/s, CCHP series
Lumina Power

Capacitor Charger
up to 6,000 J/s

CCHP series


  • High voltage capacitor chargers to 6 kV
  • OEM models for integration
  • 3phase AC input models to 6 kJ/s and higher
  • Voltage repeatability <0.5 % standard
  • Optional high precision custom models down to <0.1 % voltage repeatability available
  • Current output of each model is individually optimized for the demanded application. 
    Max. charge-up voltage is adjusted to customer specification and output current is maximized accordingly
  • Output power optimized individually for partial or total discharge application
  • Air cooled
  • Water cooled custom models to 20 kJ/s and beyond on request
  • Optional reverse voltage protection
  • Typical application: IPL, hair & tattoo removal, UV sterilization, pulsed magnets, solar simulators, stage flash lighting,...



Model Leaflet
CCHP-Serie, bis 6 kJ/s - CCHP-3500
CCHP-Serie, bis 6 kJ/s - CCHP-6000

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