Quantum Composers, Laser Diode Driver Controller, 1550 - LDDC Handheld or OEM-Controller
Quantum Composers

Laser Diode Driver Controller

1550 - LDDC Handheld or OEM-Controller


  • Manual or USB control  OEM-Model for integration additional RS232
  • Analog 0-10 V current programming (12 bit)
  • U/I monitoring 0-10 V (10 bit)
  • 3 x digital output for interlock/enable/pulse control
  • 2 x digital input for status signals (over temp./crowbar)
  • TTL pulse mode from 100 ns
  • Single shot, continuous, burst and CW mode
  • PRF 0.1-100 kHz, optional burst mode 1-65535 pulses
  • Pin compatibility to Lumina Power LDD/LDY/LDN (on LDD/LDY/LDN no aux supply voltage is needed)
  • Individual parameter and signal customization possible


Model Stock Usb RS232 Leaflet
1550-LDDC yes yes

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