Programmable performant DC Source-Sink <br>45 kW

Programmable performant DC Source-Sink
45 kW

G5 series NEW!!


The new, very fast G5 series complements the extensive DC portfolio of the TopCon and TC.GSS series.

With the G5 series, further power and voltage ranges are covered.

The G5 series has been adapted to various applications - following models are availabe:

  • G5.SRC Source / Programmable DC Power Supply
  • G5.SAS Solar Array Simulation
  • G5.RSS Regenerative Source Sink
  • G5.DT Drive Train Testing
  • G5.BAS Battery Simulation
  • G5.BT Battery Testing
  • G5.UNV Universal Regenerativ DC Power Supply
  • G5.RLD Regenerative Load / FuelCell Testing
  • G5.CT Charger Tester 

Modular and easily scalable systems 

Modular and easily scalable systems for more current and voltage can be achieved at any time using the devices in the following modes:

  • Serial
  • Parallel
  • Mixed

Of course, complete G5 high-performance systems are already available - just ask!


  • HMI - Display / Front-Menu-Panel
  • ISR - Integrated safety relay up to performance level PLc EN ISO 13849
  • CANmp - free configurable CAN interface
  • PAC.AC - AC terminal protection cover (DC is included at standard version)
  • TFE - Time-Based Function Generator optional with Application Area Programming which allows to set the DC output voltage or current power as a function of any of the input values
  • AirFilter - Fron-panel-mounted air filter, recommendet for use in dusty environments
  • XCD - Discharge of AC filter, recommendet for mobile use of the device

Please click here for detailed technical information.


Model Stock Input voltage (min.) Input voltage (max.) Output voltage Power Output Current (max.) Height Width Depth Weight Can Bus Ethernet Usb Recovery Recovery power Leaflet
G5.xx.45.60.1690 380 V 480 V 60 V 45 kW +/- 1.690 A 445 mm 483 mm 673 mm 124 kg yes yes yes yes 45 kW
G5.xx.45.80.1690 380 V 480 V 80 V 45 kW +/- 1.690 A 445 mm 483 mm 673 mm 124 kg yes yes yes yes 45 kW
G5.xx.45.500.270 380 V 480 V 500 V 45 kW +/- 270 A 445 mm 483 mm 673 mm 124 kg yes yes yes yes 45 kW

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