The small but beautiful aerospace project.

Complete solution for on-board wiring simulation.

The Challenge

In aeroplanes the trend is towards even more generous space for passengers or goods – meaning that technical equipment needs to occupy less space. Every corner has to be used to maximum advantage. This increases the attractiveness of complete solutions to aircraft engineers. Due to the great success of one of their new jet models, a customer of Schulz-Electronic needed extended test systems. Power supply and loads were to be built into one rack, thus obtaining a complete solution for the on-board wiring system.

Equipment used from our portfolio:

  • 2x SM45-140 with RS232
  • 1x ZS11206 with RS232
  • 1x BEL Test Software
  • Rack

The Solution

At Schulz-Electronic we specialise in individuality and customer-optimised adaptations. We designed a suitable rack to meet the customer’s requirements – very small and compact, yet including all important components, such as 2 x SM45-140 with RS232.

Despite the very high quality requirements, it was possible to build the rack at an attractive price – another aspect that is important to our customers.

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