Flexible drive portfolio in switch cabinet construction.

Complete solution from one source.

The Challenge

A real challenge was posed for Schulz-Electronic when a customer in the sector of power control and distribution, a large company in Reutlingen, required a capacitor bank to be installed and wired in combination with the HV power supply (TC.P20.500.400.P.HMI) contained in a HV cabinet. A procedure list also had to be drawn up for settings and parametering of the existing HV power supply unit, in order to reach the right operating points depending on the capacity levels and operating voltages. Commissioning and briefing were to take place directly at the customer’s premises.

Equipment used from the portfolio of Schulz-Electronic

  • 1x SE0615Z
  • Rack 38HE

The solution

Schulz-Electronic is in a position to integrate customer-specific solutions into existing plants on site. Our customer benefited from this capability – and also from our comprehensive know-how in his particular specialist area, acquired thanks to many years of cooperation. Thus we were able to develop a complete solution from one source, including the following characteristics: the 19“ capacitor bank provides the levels 5mF, 15mF, 20mF, 40mF, 80mF and a maximum voltage of 750 V. Levels can be changed mechanically.

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