Drone defense system.

High power fiber laser for airborne safety.

The challenge

Unmanned aviation systems like drones represent a strongly increasing threat to air traffic.

There are a few methods to remove them from the sky but in various countries it’s forbidden to do. Because of that it is necessary to develop an innovative drone defense system.

Our solution

A complete supply unit that can withstand even the most adverse environmental conditions thanks to its military standard certified design and wire rope dampers.

This rack operates a highly focused fiber laser, which is able to bring the drones down from the sky in a targeted and efficient way.

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  • DC/DC driver with 48 V input voltage
    and isolated inverter technology
  • current output safety: EN ISO 13849-1 PL e
  • housing equipped with wire rope dampers
    to cushion strong vibrations
  • mechanics military standard certified
Das Rack, das Laser betreibt, die zur Drohnenabwehr eingesetzt werden.

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