The integrated laser project.

Power supplies for laser plants: Everything from one source.

The Challenge

A long-standing customer from the laser sector needed a comprehensive power supply solution for laser machines used for cutting and welding. He knew from experience that Schulz-Electronic is also an expert when it comes to complex safety electronics in cabinet design, and he commissioned us to realise a solution that included laser drivers, coolers and safety electronics.

Equipment used from the portfolio of Schulz-Electronic:

  • Complete cabinet system construction according to customer’s requirements

The Solution

Schulz-Electronic offers the best solution: this may be anything from a small module to a highly complex laser power supply including cooling. In this specific project we were able, thanks to our highly flexible portfolio of drivers, to develop for the company in Dortmund an individually customised, integrated solution for the power supply, control and monitoring of high-performance laser diodes. The equipment used included devices by LUMINA, and by Schulz-Electronic.

The special feature: The solution can be adapted to the various models and thus offers our customer maximum flexibility. Other features of the system are:

  • Water-cooled IP54 rack with heat exchanger.
  • An optical output performance of 2.2 kW to 4 kW from the 400 µm fibre.
  • Option of control via PLC.
  • Internal independent safety logic to protect the laser modules.
  • Application-specific design of the system’s safety electronics up to performance level e (both for analogue control, and for the driver output).
  • An analogue control (optionally extendable by interfaces as required).

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