The DLR system to combat space debris.

Finding a solution together with Delta Elektronika.

The Challenge

Our customer, the German Aerospace Center (DLR), does not want to tolerate space debris, and plans to “shoot at it” in future using a new system that consists of six high-performance Dilas diodes. The accustomed high quality of the Delta Elektronika power supplies for the diodes was very important to the DLR. The intention was to base the system on a safety chain that would quickly show which outputs were activated and which were switched off.

Equipment used from the portfolio of Schulz-Electronic:

  • 6 x SM70-90-p069 (80V/80A)
  • 6 x Modification SE5029X S132-15 SM6000 RSD AN FRONT
  • 6 x Modification SE5996X S418 Output On Status Signal (TTL)

The Solution

Schulz-Electronic was able to make an important contribution here: in order to guarantee the safety chain, a key switch was built in which can deactivate the output, and also receives a TTL signal that enables the customer to detect whether the DC output is activated. Together with Delta Elektronika a solution was quickly found, including, among other components, laser modules (85 A / 80 V) and CW lasers (2 kW, 969 nm).

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