The Rail Project “Mobile Testing Systems“.

DC-DC converters for tests in trains.

The Challenge

A customer known for more than 25 years for excellent hardware and software solutions in physical metrology needed a 2 kW DC power supply with 48 V as a mobile testing system for use in moving trains. One “problem” in this situation was the fluctuations of the input voltage that are usual in trains.

Equipment used from the portfolio of Schulz-Electronic:

  • 134 DC-DC converter type PSE 250

The Solution

To ensure that there was no interference between the systems to be supplied, the 2 kW were split up between 8 individual outputs. The DC-DC converters needed for this were installed in a spring-mounted module rack, thus making them largely shock resistant.

Schulz-Electronic’s  long-standing customer was convinced not only by the equipment used for the project, which exactly met their technical specifications, but also by the very short delivery time, the possibility of choosing from alternative devices, and the speedy provision of a loaned device equipped with all the alternative options.

Voltage ranges:

  • 110 V DC at the input (66-154 V DC)
  • 48 V DC at the output (very stable: 250 W in continuous operation; cooling by convection only)

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