An ABB research project with power.

High current devices in a rack.

The Challenge

Research projects often have special requirements and need equipment that is able to withstand extreme conditions. The high current research laboratory ABB was working on a project in which components were being tested with high currents. The scientists were unable to judge at an early stage in the research whether 3000 A would be sufficient, so an option had to be included to extend up to 4000 A.

Equipment used from the portfolio of Schulz-Electronic:

  • 3+1 x GEN-7.5-1000
  • Laboratory power supply GEN7.5 built into a customer-specific rack

The Solution

Schulz-Electronic specialises in customisations and flexible solutions. For our customer ABB we were able to construct a rack with 3 GEN-7.5-1000 A. In consideration of the specific requirement for a possible range extension, we kept this option free in the specially-developed rack.

When the customer then asked for the fourth device, a specialist from Schulz-Electronic went there to install it personally. Thanks to the good preparation, the device was installed without difficulty – after only one hour the rack was completely ready for use again. ABB’s reaction was prompt and clear: “We can only get that kind of service from you!”

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