A premium solution for a premium manufacturer

Electrical chassis can absorb and feed back energy.

The Challenge

Only components which satisfy the manufacturer’s high quality standards and are one hundred percent reliable are built into premium vehicles. For the production of electromechanical roll stabilizers for active chassis, our customer required suitable devices able to absorb rapidly rising energy. The power supply solution for the test stand needed to deliver at least 48 V and approx. 90 A.

Equipment used from the portfolio of Schulz-Electronic:

  • SM60-100  with Powersink 300 ext.


The Solution

The unique cascadable power sinks developed by Schulz-Electronic can absorb energy dependent on the state of the electrical chassis.  Because the energy generated varies between 900 and 1200 W, 3–4 x power sinks 300 ext. were connected in parallel.

In order to meet the need for steeply rising slopes the Highspeed Option was chosen for the power supply units. An external capacitor was also connected in order to prevent DUTs (devices under test) from failing due to a feedback voltage being too high. Thanks to this and to the constant coordination between our specialists and our customer, it was possible to find a solution very quickly.

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