Diode laser driver.

Drilling, cutting and deep welding.

The challenge

The aim was to replace conventional lasers, such as disk lasers or rod lasers, with an innovative and powerful fiber laser. For such a new type of high-power laser, special pump sources are required, which usually generate the corresponding power on a single chip basis.

The focus here is on applications with high power intensity, such as drilling, welding and deep welding of metals. The laser must therefore also be able to withstand very thick materials.

Our solution

We developed a single-chip based diode laser driver that has already gone into serial production.

For that reason, a fiber laser can easily process metals with fast pulses where conventional welding or mechanical milling heads are not useful anymore.


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  • up to 12 supply channels: each max. 18 A/50 V
  • fast pulse operation up to 10 kHz
  • current output safety EN ISO 13849-1 PL e
  • 11 kW in total through 3U water cooling system
Gerät, das Diodenlaser betreibt.

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