Modified power supplies in industrial production lines.

For UV LEDs used for the curing of plastics.

The Challenge

For our customers, as for Schulz-Electronic, solving special challenges is both a passion and their daily business. For a new machine project a customer needed DIN rail supplies with sense input, to supply UV LEDs with a stable 28 Vdc.

Equipment used from the portfolio of Schulz-Electronic:

  • 3 + 1x GEN-7-5-1000
  • GEN7.5 laboratory power supplies installed in a customer-specific rack

The Solution

The power supplies modified by Schulz-Electronic have replaced fixed voltage power supplies (Sitop) in the production line of an end customer in Singapore who produces plastic packaging. UV LEDs supplied with 28 Vdc are used to cure plastics. The output power of the LEDs varies between 20 and 150 watts, depending  on the process.

When choosing the most suitable HSEUreg  (with 480 W and 28 Vdc fixed voltage and sense line) the sense line played an important part, since the voltage drop on the long lines had to be compensated – a variation of as little as 0.5 V would already have a negative influence on the curing process.

12 power supplies are used on each production line, and production is now running smoothly.

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