The Solar Project “iPV-Smart Home”.

Structuring a test environment for “intelligent photovoltaics”.

The Challenge

This project for a big German energy concern involved structuring a practical test environment for the testing and further development of intelligent photovoltaic systems (iPV) for use in modern, future-oriented buildings.

Equipment used from the portfolio of Schulz-Electronic:

  • High performance power supply type TC.P10.1000.400.PV
  • Bidirectional DC power supply type TC.GSS 20.600.400.S
  • 3-phase rectifier 10 kW

The Solution

Thanks to Schulz-Electronic’s extensive product and service portfolio, several approaches to the solution were equally possible. Thus the customer could freely select his preferences, and discuss the specifications with us.

The test environment that was finally developed has a PV simulator up to a maximum of 10 kW and can simulate a panel voltage up to 1000 V DC. It also includes a load simulator that can act as a load on the AC grid. Both simulators can be operated via software on the same computer.

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