High-voltage DC sources with intelligent modular concept.

Convincing precision hardware.

The Challenge

A well-known solar industry research institute commissioned Schulz-Electronic with the development of variably adjustable, controlled DC power sources with galvanic separation that were to be used for testing medium-voltage inverters. The power sources are used for the operation of DC/DC and DC/AC converters.

Important key facts:

  • 3 x 192 kW double cabinet system
  • total output 576 kW
  • max. current of 14.4 A
  • max voltage of 40 kV (+/-20 kV)
  • total output of 1,152 MW possible with 3 additional 192 kW systems

The Solution

Variability according to customer specifications: Floating standard devices were used. But the key features were the switch box that automatically recognised the output configuration and the automatic adjustment of the scaling in the control software (Labview). The total output of the system, which consists of two 3 x 192 kW double cabinet systems, is 576 kW, a max. current of 14.4 A and a max. voltage of 40 kV (+/-20 kV). In addition, all individual systems can be connected with three additional 192 kW systems for a total output of 1,152 MW if needed.

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