Delta Elektronika, Options for Delta Power Supply, for SM-Series 800 Watt
Delta Elektronika

Options for Delta Power Supply

for SM series 800 Watt


The following options are available for SM800-Series:

  • P069  Current or voltage rise (max. 10 %)
  • P238  Inkrementelle Geber, optical for voltage and current
  • P245  Power Sink
  • P249  ISO AMP CARD (built-in Trennverstärker)
  • P250  Fast programming
  • P254  Built-in RS232 interface PSC232 INT
  • P255  Built-in IEEE488/RS232 interface PSC488INT
  • P256  Built-in Etherneth-interface PSC-ETH
  • P271  Built-in Profibus-interface PSC-PB
  • P272  Built-in Canbus-inteface PSC-CAN


to the SM800 series


Model Can Bus Ethernet Gpib RS232 Profibus Gal. analog Recovery power Leaflet
P069 Strom oder Spannungserhöhung
P245 Power Sink 140 W
P250 Schnelle Programmierung
P255 Eingebaute IEEE488/RS232-Schnittstelle yes yes
P271 Eingebaute Profibus-Schnittstelle yes
P238 Inkrementelle Geber, optisch
P249 Eingebauter Trennverstärker yes
P254 Eingebaute RS232-Schnittstelle yes
P256 Eingebaute Ethernet-Schnittstelle yes
P272 Eingebaute CANbus-Schnittstelle yes

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